Will my Pods and Phtyo survive shipping

Zooplankton and phytoplankton are extremely hardy, the truth is if you're not extremely diligent you're probably introducing amphipods or pods whenever you live rock or coral into your tank. We've all had live rock that has been shipped by boat to a local fish store, covered in newspaper to endure the long journey back to our tank. A couple days later we'd see hitchhikers in our tank. 

While we aren't sending rocks covered newspaper with the hope of a couple pods surviving, we are going through great care to provide high-density bags of plankton while minimizing temperature fluctuations. The beauty of shipping plankton is the tolerance in temperature. This means we don't have to ship our feeds next day reducing the overall cost while still providing fresh feed. 

When your plankton arrives, it's highly important to open up the caps and allow the bags to breathe before introducing them to your reef. 

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